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Condition of Rental Property Checklist Instructions Tenant s complete s this checklist within three days of moving in and tenant s and landlord or manager review property and completed checklist together and mutually agree on the condition of the property upon move-in by signing this form. Each party keeps a copy of signed checklist. BE SPECIFIC and DETAILED when filling out the checklist. Tenant Name Print Property Address Landlord/Manager Name Print ITEM CONDITION ON ARRIVAL LIVING ROOM...
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Who needs a checklist of condition of rental property?

Tenants who move into an apartment or a house must complete this checklist with the landlord or the manager in order to agree upon the condition of the tangible property. It is also necessary when moving out.

What is this checklist for?

It is used to determine the condition of every piece of property. When moving out, the landlord runs an inspection in order to decide upon repair and replacement costs. He can use the tenant’s repair deposit or give it back to the tenant if the condition is satisfactory.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

It’s not accompanied by any other forms. Usually, this checklist is signed as a part of the tenant-landlord contract upon move-in.

When is this checklist due?

The due date of the form is the moving-out date. The inspection of the property takes place before move-in -- this checklist is valid until the tenant wants to leave (or by the due date of the rental contract). The landlord needs a new checklist for a new tenant.

How do I fill out a condition of rental property checklist?

There is a 4-page-long table separated into sections. Each section is dedicated to a part or the rented property. There are sections for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and hall. In the table for each section, you will find 3 columns. Column A is a list of items in the section (windows, walls, carpeting etc.). Column B is used to describe the condition of each item.  Column C is completed upon move-out during an inspection with the landlord.

Where do I send it?

Each party (the landlord and the tenant) keeps one copy of this checklist.

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Hi everyone John again from JB RL estates and letting agents and today this is a quick video with regards to inventories and shedding of condition I had a landlord walk into the office and he asked us to do a tenant find service only I informed him that's not a problem and I started running through the details of what would need to be done in order to safeguard the condition of his premises he said so maybe he doesn't want to pay for an association of independent inventory Clark registered inventory company to go in and carry out a schedule of condition and inventory before the tenant moved in I did warn him against this and this is really just to give anyone who's sort of considering not having one done some information if you don't have an inventory in a check-in schedule of condition as well as a checkout done by an independent third party and we always recommend independent inventory companies who are association of inventory independent imagery Clark's registered there's virtually no chance of you actually being able to claim from your tennis deposit for any damages and it's just the way that it's been there for quite some time because with regards to an inventory in a shed of a condition it needs to be independent from landlord or tenant influenced and completely independent of the parties all together so that it's not looked upon as being a biased review and it really is the only way to evaluate the condition of the premises at the start of the tenancy as well as the end it's also important to take into consideration landlords that what a tenants living in a property though there will be general fair wear and tear taken into consideration however things like damages cigarette burns white wine stains cell red wine stains your holes in walls they are above fair wear and tear and they will be classed as damages and you're not going to be able to climb unless you've gone down the proper avenues of protecting yourself by getting the inventory clerks they were recommended by your agent or the association of relax registered to prepare your documents but you can contact us here anyway the details our number has changed it's going to flash up on the screen and Amir and also you can comment in the box I'll also get back to folks in check inning of us again there we some more videos coming up soon